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Enhanced publication: from experiment to practice

At the C4D kick off meeting we learnt from one of our academic colleagues the potential usefulness of linking research data sets to publications that have used them.  The SURF approach is to link the data used in to the publication in a construct called an enhanced publication.  During the initial requirements and analysis phase of C4D, we will be looking in more detail at this approach.

More information on the enhanced publication construct can be found at the SURF foundation website

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DCC engagement at St Andrews

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

As part of our institutional programme to improve our research data management and in parallel with the C4D project we are working with the  Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

The first meeting is on 27th October – am looking forward to it.

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Research Data Management Webinar

October 12, 2011 4 comments

I listened in to a JISC webinar about Research Data Management this morning.

Attached my own jottings from the event.


There is a wealth of support information out there.  The event recording and slides containing sign posts to this wealth of guidance is available at:


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New JISC MRD Projects

October 10, 2011 2 comments

26 projects, including C4D, have just been announced by JISC under the Managing Research Data Programme 2011-13. The call was funded only by HEFCE so none of the leads are outside England.

Strand A

16 institutional projects to help develop and extend infrastructures for research data management as part of an institutional mission to provide high quality support for research. They will also be developing institutional or departmental research data management policies and guidance materials. Projects will run for 18 months, from October 2011 to March 2013.

  1. A Data Management Infrastructure for Research (ADMIRe) – University of Nottingham
  2. Leeds RoaDMaP (Leeds Research Data Management Pilot) – University of Leeds
  3. Essex Research Data Repository (Essex-RDR) – University of Essex
  4. CERIF for Datasets (C4D) – University of Sunderland
  5. Research360 – University of Bath
  6. Orbital – University of Lincoln
  7. Managing Research Data: a pilot study in Health and Life Sciences – University of the West of England
  8. Data.Bris – University of Bristol
  9. Iridium – Institutional Research Data Management – University of Newcastle
  10. Service Oriented Toolkit for Research Data Management – University Hertfordshire
  11. KAPTUR – University for the Creative Arts
  12. MaDAM into Sustainable Service (MiSS) – University Manchester
  13. Open Up!: Human Factors in Research Data Management – University of Exeter
  14. Data Management Rollout at Oxford (DaMaRO) – University of Oxford
  15. PIMMS – University of Reading
  16. SWORD-ARM – University of York

Strand B

8 projects are helping research groups, projects or departments fulfil disciplinary best practice and the requirements of research funders by implementing data management plans and supporting systems. These projects will run for 6 months from October 2011 to March 2012.

  1. DATUM in Action – Supporting researchers to plan and manage their research data – Northumbria University
  2. History DMP – University of Hull
  3. Data Management Planning and Storage for Psychology (DMSPpsych) – University of Sheffield
  4. Sustainable Management of Digital Music Research Data – Queen Marys, London
  5. Research Data Management for Mechanical Engineering Departments (REDM-MED) – University of Bath
  6. Researchers using Existing Workflows to Archive Research Data – UCL
  7. Rapid Organisation of Health Research Data (ROHRD) Phase 1 – Imperial College, London
  8. MaRDI-Gross: Managing Research Data Infrastructures in big science – University of Lancaster

Strand C

2 projects are customising the Digital Curation Centre’s online data management planning tool for institutional use (contact will be made with these by the SIS-PIP Project – since this is also what the PIP intends to do).

  1. OXFORD DMPonline – University of Oxford
  2. Data Management Planning for Secure Services (DMP- SS) – UCL London

These projects will run for 12 months from October 2011 to September 2012.

These activities will be complemented by work:

D) to improve the practice of data citation and explore innovative ways of publishing research data;

E) to develop disciplinary focused training materials as well as training for other stakeholders, including discipline liaison librarians and research liaison officers.

A Call for Proposals will be released in the New Year for these two areas.

View a Google Map, showing the geographical distribution of the projects »

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Steering Group Updated

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

We are pleased to welcome Chris Moulsley onto the Steering Group for the C4D Project, replacing Colin Haylock (EPSRC) from the original project proposal.

Chris is Head of Joint Information Services Unit EPSRC/ESRC. He has 10+ years IT experience including leading data migration to the Shared Services Centre (SSC) for both Research Councils. Chris is PRINCE2 and ITIL V3 Service Strategy qualified.

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Identifying Datasets

October 6, 2011 Leave a comment

We had a very informative project kick-off meeting on Monday where we spoke about funders requirements and the greater good of publishing datasets.

One of our academics, Nick Kamenos from the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at Glasgow University, gave us academic perspective on data management requriements.   We discussed the need to provide some caveats and methodology information with datasets to aid interpretation.  For example sometimes datasets are ‘gridded’ or extrapolated so some of the data is real and some is created.

Often the methodology is documented in the publication so it is important to link up other outputs such as publications with the associated datasets.

We agreed that in addition to the datasets already specified in the project bid we would have a look at other NERC and EPSRC awards to see if there were any candidate datasets there where the staff might be able to benefit from C4D resource in order to make the data easily and publicly accessible.

We will be looking at the datasets,  identifying metadata requirements, researching standards already out there, and coming up with a proposed metadata set for datasets.   I have extracted my list of EPSRC and NERC awards and am consulting with the funders on potentially relevant projects.

One goal is to ensure that whatever we come up with is flexible and covers other uses such as  REF as well as RCUK requirements.

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C4D commences

October 4, 2011 3 comments

Welcome to the CERIF 4 Datasets project blog!

CERIF 4 Datasets is an 18 month project funded by JISC under the Managing Research Data Programme, which will conclude at the end of March 2013.

For now you can read about the project, consortium and key members of the project team. Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we report how the project is progressing. To keep up to date with all things C4D, simply enter your email address under the Subscribe section to the right, and you will receive an email whenever new content is added!

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