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Identifying Datasets

We had a very informative project kick-off meeting on Monday where we spoke about funders requirements and the greater good of publishing datasets.

One of our academics, Nick Kamenos from the School of Geographical and Earth Sciences at Glasgow University, gave us academic perspective on data management requriements.   We discussed the need to provide some caveats and methodology information with datasets to aid interpretation.  For example sometimes datasets are ‘gridded’ or extrapolated so some of the data is real and some is created.

Often the methodology is documented in the publication so it is important to link up other outputs such as publications with the associated datasets.

We agreed that in addition to the datasets already specified in the project bid we would have a look at other NERC and EPSRC awards to see if there were any candidate datasets there where the staff might be able to benefit from C4D resource in order to make the data easily and publicly accessible.

We will be looking at the datasets,  identifying metadata requirements, researching standards already out there, and coming up with a proposed metadata set for datasets.   I have extracted my list of EPSRC and NERC awards and am consulting with the funders on potentially relevant projects.

One goal is to ensure that whatever we come up with is flexible and covers other uses such as  REF as well as RCUK requirements.

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