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OAPEN focus group meeting

I’m just back from attending a very interesting (and well run) focus group session for the OAPEN-UK project (see http://oapen-uk.jiscebooks.org) which is looking at the issues for open access publishing of scholarly monographs in the humanities and social sciences. The event was run by Ellen Collins from RIM and Caren Milloy from JISC Collections.
The project will run until 2015 (JISC and AHRC funded) looking at the issues involved through various stakeholder groups (I attended the session for library staff / institutional repository managers and research managers and administrators). They are also running an experiment looking 30 monographs that are not open access and 30 similar ones that have been made open access.

The top issues (in short!) that came out of the groups were:
Metadata – who is responsible for getting it right?
Selection – will libraries want to curate open access materials if there are no access costs involved?
University Presses – might HEIs want to ‘publish’ these themselves (to increase branding)?
Who pays – HEI? Funder? Author? Other?
Author royalties – will be zero; might HEIs want to provide some other form of incentive?
Access in perpetuity – who will ensure that access is maintained is no-one is paying?

There were of course numerous other issues including perceived quality issues for OA publications; better usage of metadata and linking of publications to data and the projects that funded the generation of them. The latter is of interest to the C4D project as well as of ourselves the all important metadata issue.

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