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Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association

UCISA CISG Conference November 2011. 

A number of points of interest in relation to Data Management.

JISC Shared Services and the Cloud Programme

Homogenity of the JISC supported cloud is not taking root so there is currently a bit of flexibility in supporting different HEI’s in different ways.

JISC are engaging with the Home Office and G-Cloud with a view to having coherence with their strategies.

Concerns were  noted about current trends towards data being spread across numerous clouds, depending on convenience for staff, and the related potential for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Issues to arise.

Eduserv and Janet are two distinct clouds.  Developments continue.  Concerns about back-up were noted though some clever person suggested you could store in one and back up in the other.

JISC have launched a new resource www.jiscinfonet.ac.uk/organisational-efficiency/

For those interested in the wider research outputs agenda and customer relationship management there are some more notes on our IRIOS2 blog:



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