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Data centres: their use, value and impact

This report provides an analysis of the usage and impact of a number of research data centres, representing a cross-section of research disciplines in the UK.

The study aimed to demonstrate the importance, relevance and benefits of effective sharing and curation of research data for the UK research community. It looked at the long-term usage and impact of data curated by a cross-disciplinary selection of established data centres.

Using quantitative and qualitative approaches, the study gathered evidence on the extent data centres have been useful to the research community. As part of a wider body of work, this evidence will help to build a case for improving data sharing practice in the UK.

The RIN and the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) commissioned Technopolis Ltd to undertake this work.


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  1. February 24, 2012 at 10:39 am

    Thanks for highlighting this report – the findings towards data centres quite go along with what we hear from researchers in our project MiSS and the JISCMRD programme in general I would think: they are a “success story for their users” across disciplines (albeit not in each and every single discipline) under different aspects – something which cannot be emphasised enough in the light of continuous funding endeavours being under pressure.

    It also strikes me that indeed “further work needs to be done to investigate how they can work most effectively with local, national and international services” within the wider data/service landscape, and that RDMI might be playing an important role here. Data already successfully stored, curated and used in repositories elsewhere does not need to be duplicated in local eInfrastructures – as users point out repeatedly, suitable linkage and integration is needed.


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