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Information handling in collaborative research – an exploration of five cast studies

Between October 2010 and June 2011, TNS-BMRB conducted a study on behalf of the Research Information Network (RIN) and the British Library (BL), exploring the challenges to information handling in collaborative research and providing recommendations for potential interventions to help enhance effectiveness.

Information handling is used here to encompass all pre-existing and new information sourced, organised, stored, shared and disseminated during a collaborative research project.

This study was commisioned by the RIN and British Library to provide empirical evidence of the challengers faced by researchers working in collaborations through the examination of five case-studies, all involving at least one HEI and external partners and selected to reflect a range of variables. The case studies comprised:

  • a large multinational collaboration involving pharmaceutical companies and HEIs;
  • a large European co-ordinated action between HEIs and public bodies involved with end-of-life care;
  • a medium sized UK based project on material and engineering involving HEIs and a mix of commercial partners including large multinational industrial organisations, SME manufacturers and University spin-outs;
  • a small knowledge transfer partnership, developing a software and hardware package for use in residential care, involving one SME and on HEI;
  • and a small exploratory collaboration involving a mix of commerical and third sector organisations, and a HEI

The case studies were preceded by a literatur review and followed by four workshops that tested and built on findings to rach a number or recommendations for improved practice.

A copy of the collaborative report can be found by clicking here

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