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Data Management Policy and Guidance

April 20, 2012 Leave a comment

At the University of Glasgow we have been working on a formal data management policy and data management roadmap to ensure best practice and that we comply with funders terms and conditions.

Our documents are in the final stages of drafting and we plan to update our website by 1st May 2012.

 Led by our team in the Digital Curation Centre we are inviting comments from academics and administrators.

Research Support Services are looking at how to better support data management planning and support at the application and project management stages.

The library are involved in provision of support for recording data sets on our repository.  and I.T. Services are being asked to input information about provision of storage solutions for data sets.

We will be working on implementing a range of improvements to existing services over the coming year or so.

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D2.2 Taxonomy Definition

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Further to the comments made by Sheila, find attached the D2.2 Taxonomy Definition


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Taxonomy Definition

For the purpose of the project it is important to find a suitable classification scheme that will enhance the ability to correctly and reliably classify datasets to aid their discovery. Classification schemes such as the Dewey Decimal Classification, Universal Decimal Classification, and the Library of Congress Classification, while universal, do have a library bias which is also to do with correctly shelving and finding items in a library.

Other systems such as UNESCO-SPINES or Frascati have the benefit of being more information and information retrieval oriented as opposed to having a library focus. This is good in principle but in terms of scientific disciplines and sub-disciplines and fields of research they do not provide the right level of  granularity to classify large collections of datasets in a way where interested parties can drill down to classify datasets for later discovery and reliably find relevant datasets for a given task.

The Research Councils UK (RCUK) and HEFCE have a shared commitment to maintaining and improving the capacity of the UK research base and to ensuring that significant outputs from this activity are made available as widely as possible both within and beyond the research community.

As far as current practice in the research councils is concerned there are two important developments that are in use not just for datasets but also for other areas including publications and grants and grant applications which are:

  • the RCUK Subject Classification Scheme (and the Research Output System (ROS))
  • the JACS subject coding system (HESA)

The RCUK categories present a good level of detail with regard to research outputs and could provide the fine detail that will be needed for the C4D subject demonstrator. Given the aim of C4D to manage metadata of datasets for a variety of disciplines and in particular to support the discovery of them in terms of search based retrieval or explorative browsing the  RCUK categories set seems to be a better fit.

EuroCRIS 2012 conference

April 4, 2012 1 comment

As with the other two project Sunderland is involved in, C4D will be presented at EuroCRIS 2012 in Prague. C4D will be represented by both a paper and a poster.

The final draft of both the paper and the poster can be accessed below.

EuroCRIS2012 C4D Paper

EuroCRIS2012 C4D Poster

Research Staff Conference

April 4, 2012 Leave a comment

We have been dissseminating C4D information and handouts at our Research Staff Conference.

See our sister project blog for details:

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