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Data Management Planning

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

In addition to our high level visible roadmap for dataset management at the University of Glasgow

we have a lot of more detailed tasks to attend to.

We are identifying some testers for our procedures and hope to fill any gaps identified and embed standard data management  practices into the research project lifecycle.

There is some concern that there will be significant storage and administrative cost and part of our testing will be to see if this is a real issue,  and if so,  make some realistic quantification of the costs.

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Pure UK User Group (University of Aberdeen, 16-17/05/12)

Lots of interest expressed today from the Pure UK User Group on incorporating datasets within CERIF and Pure; and how it would be a big win for researchers and would ultimately enhance the discovery of their datasets. Many parties expressing interest in contributing effort to develop the functionality in Pure.


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Confidentiality and Open Access

May 15, 2012 1 comment

I have been doing a bit of work on confidentiality and open access of research outcomes recently including considering how these factors apply to datasets.

 I have been involved in FoI at the University of Glasgow since being part of the original implementation team.

Today I attended an FoI update by our University Legal representatives which reminded me to ensure that we are happy with how our policies explicity state that one of the main planned outcomes for research is to publish results. 

This may add support to any case considering exemption under section 27 (Freedom of Information Act Scotland) or section 22 (Freedom of Information Act – covering England and Wales)

We spoke about the case by case nature of enquiries and that the consideration is whether there is a true claim to withholding the information.

We touched on the Protection of Freedoms Bill which is being prepared for publication and it will be interesting to see how this develops.

I also have actions on our Data Management Roadmap to:

  • Involve our Intellectual Property Team in discussions regarding metadata recording for datasets as well as for other entities that may potentially have confidential aspects. 
  • Ensure our IP and Business Development representatives are involved in discussions regarding policy and procedure development in relation to any data we may hold on behalf of third parties and that the guidance around such datasets is clear.

D3.1 Ontology Upload Requirements and Process Definition

Once datasets are fully supported in CERIF, and CERIF datastores they will be a formidable information resource that will serve a variety of users and uses.

C4D will develop an ontology and ontology driven interface to CERIF data stores which will provide key features of import, discovery, exploration and linking.

D3.1 addresses issues faced in C4D and proposes an architecture to solve these issues.


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Outside the window..

Outside the window..

Useful meeting today with William Nixon, our ePrints expert, about a new ePrints test server for looking at a datasets plugin (among other things).
All went a bit mission impossible with workers abseiling down the side of the library (which if you know the library here is a brave thing to do on suck a windy day!)


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Have you met the EPSRC deadline?

May 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Today is the deadline for all Research Organisations that receive EPSRC funding to have in place a clear roadmap to align policies and processes with the EPSRC ‘Policy Framework on Research Data’ expectations.

Glasgow have responded to EPSRC to confirm we have  roadmap. 

This will be a living plan with new actions added and regular meetings to ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

We plan to augment our webpage with iterations of the plan, the policy that we are finalising, and any other useful information.

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