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OR 2012

Last week I attended Open Repositories 2012 in Edinburgh. I kept the C4D project in my mind at all the talks and while some were a little irrelevant to the project, others brought up some interesting ideas: 



Inter-repository Linking of Research Objects with Webtracks

Shirley Ying Crompton


It was pointed out that most science data is human readable, so RDF is very important. The talk also raised the question of how can systems take the load of researchers, letting the system do the linking and creating metadata.



ResourceSync: Web-based Resource Synchronization

Simeon Warner


When storing data across different servers (like many cerif based projects), how to we insure in sync? What do we compare? Timestamps? Other metadata? A full hash of everything?



MaRDI-Gross project  is  interesting as it helps researchers deal with large amounts of data, like how and where to store large datasets.



There was also some great stuff from Patrick McSweeney (Southampton) about storing data at early stage and then recording steps to process it. This could encourage researchers to submit datasets at an early stage.



VIVO from Cornell University was a very interesting presentation. The system allows the discovery of researchers across institutions using search and browse. While not really similar to C4D, some of the ontology concepts were interesting (and available to download on the VIVO sourceforge page).



Thorny Staples of the Smithsonian Institution gave an interesting talk about the problem of capturing data and making it ‘durable’.


They have thousands of datasets that are not currently externally accessible. As they are a government funded research institution they have to publish their data after 1 year.

They are using a ‘Virtual Research Environment’ to give researcher an incentive to describe their data early, then upload. Researchers should want to record their data, not be required to.  



A4 Posters were also disseminated at OR2012 for the project. 

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