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RCUK Subject Classifications Available for Download

January 30, 2013 Leave a comment

The RCUK subject classifications that the University of Glasgow are trialling in our data registry are now available direct from the RCUK website.

See the following blog item on the ‘Engage’ project blog for more details.


Pure UK User Group – research data working group inaugural meeting

January 25, 2013 Leave a comment

The Pure UK User Group recently established a research data working group. This group met for the first time in Dundee (physically or virtually) on 18th January.
Representatives from many of the 21 Universities using Pure met and agreed to work together with Atira to add Research Data catalogue functionality to Pure.
One of the first tasks will be agree the metadata to be captured and work from C4D will inform this discussion. Other formats we will look at are Datacite, CKAN and the work being carried out with ePrints at Sussex and Glasgow.

This will be discussed at the next Pure UK User Group at the end of January.

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University of Glasgow Registry Live

January 25, 2013 3 comments

We have made a database for information about datasets live at the University of Glasgow.

Initially we have only asked a few users to try it. We will then amend it if appropriate and roll it out.

This registry has been designed to have the same format as the University Enlighten repository for publications  as far as possible.  It takes into account key fields required for dataset reporting to RCUK, and for complying with emerging good practice.

The subject list uses the RCUK classification system which we first tried as part of our ‘Engage’ project which was part of a recent JISC Business Intelligence programme.  More details of the we used the classification scheme (and a copy of our code) available at

There are a few constraints on this first version which we are aware of and are working towards longer term:

–          It is not linked properly to the Human Resources data yet.

–          The scroll on the funder screen is not operating as well as we would like and this will be addressed in our next iteration.

–          There is not as yet a specific link between the dataset metadata and the publication record in Enlighten.   Both can be linked to the originating award/s and so can be searched and associated to some extent.

The database is primarily intended to store information about, and links to, datasets and not the actual datasets themselves which generally we’d expect to be stored elsewhere and linked to.

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University of Glasgow Dataset Metadata

January 7, 2013 Leave a comment

After spending  some time reviewing various suggestions for metadata fields including the Australian National Data Service and work done by other organisations we have come up with a list of fields that we want to make live.    We have done some testing and are now moving to create a live data repository.


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