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JISC Managing Research Data Workshop

March 28, 2013 Leave a comment

Earlier this week, JISC held what proved to be a very interesting final programme level workshop for MRD projects in Birmingham.

During the event, C4D presented an overview of our main achievements during the Data Repositories, Portals and Catalogues parallel session.  A system demonstration, accompanied by a poster, was also given to interested parties.

The event programme can be found at  The event hash tag was #jiscmrd.

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Research data storage survey

Recently the research computing team at St Andrews asked academic staff how much research data they had, where they kept it and how much they expected to produce going forward. For the results of the survey so far see the blog at

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Just did a quick demo of Datacite ( using our C4D test system to create some metadata.  Went well and the consensus seems to be its something we’ll be looking at seriously. 

The Datacite test system can take xml formatted metadata, and mint DOIs for datasets. I’ve now minted two test datasets. Creating a plugin for EPrints using the Datacite API shouldn’t be too difficult for someone. 

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C4D CERIF mapping

March 22, 2013 Leave a comment

The C4D demonstrator now supports the export of metadata in CERIF.  The attached document lists the 30 elements in C4D and, for each, illustrates how that element is represented in CERIF.

This document is a work-in-progress and we are continuing to liaise with euroCRIS in order to refine and improve the mapping.

C4D CERIF metadata implementation

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Project Meeting 20th March

March 21, 2013 Leave a comment

The project team met yesterday – some in person – some by video link.  I think we can count setting up of a video conference facility at the University of Glasgow library as a useful output of the C4D project. We estimate to have saved £1700+ in time and fares saved travelling to the meeting.

A very useful meeting and lots of exciting things on our to do list including:

  • Further developments of registries
  • Looking at importing some data from NERC data centre
  • Workshop preparation – lots of good ideas for things to show and discuss.  Agree we want to check what other projects are doing and avoid too much repetition.  Will be interesting to hear from others research data mangement projects at the programme meeting 25-26th March.
  • Linking up with Jisc/Digital Curation Centre – make sure plans for our registries are compatible with national register
  • Finding out what users need and finding ways to minimise administration for them



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Update from Glasgow

March 18, 2013 Leave a comment


This morning we had our internal data management working group meeting.

We have sent a summary of our activity to the Research Planning and Strategy Committee and may hear back from them after they meet on Thursday.  A version on our report is attached (I’ve only removed the names).

Report on Research Data Management_RPSC21032013_blog version

We are still looking for more useful examples of where researchers found that registering thier metadata has some benefit to them and I am keen to explore extraction of data location from papers to reduce administrative burden on individuals.

Looking forward to our C4D meeting this Thursday and will blog thereafter.  I think we have some good ideas for workshops.

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