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Association for Information and Image Management Webinar

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone else listened in to the recent webinar ‘Hybrid ECM – combining the agility of the cloud with the requirements of the enterprise’.

I thought there were a few interesting pieces of evidence to support data management infrastructure.   The presenters included the following views many of which some of you will already be very familiar:

  • Although cloud storage can offer economy of scale the community perceives security to be more controllable in-house and that any breaches are likely to have less impact
  • If you are using the cloud you should have strong authentication, use encryption, and monitor access requests
  • Using third party cloud storage is not that different to sending boxes of data offsite which has been done for many years
  • Historic issues of lock in with high fees for removal of records now largely addressed – contractual negotiations important
  • Recommended using the cloud only for content that needs to be on the cloud e.g. when fast collaboration is required
  • There are still a lot of people moving business confidential information around in uncontrolled ways.  There are often uncontrolled copies, versioning unclear.
  • People often return to familar tools – email, memory sticks, consumer file sharing applications that they use for social networking – but may be less appropriate for corporate assets – e.g. Facebook, Dropbox.
  • End users want simple collaboration tools and IT Services want to be sure that business assets are secure
  • Some organisations use a private cloud.   This can be synchronised with a public cloud with collaborators invited to share specific content.  Synchronisation means updates done on the public version are updated to the private cloud and vice versa.  This reduces time and effort and IT regain confidence in information security.

There are some interesting statistics in the slides which you can view via the following link if you are willing to register and perhaps get some marketing info from AIIM:





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