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University of Glasgow Update

In the last week or so:

I attended a meeting at the University of St.Andrews mainly attended by DSpace users.  I gave an overview of the C4D project and activity at the University of Glasgow and we had a discussion around our registry fields.  Some organisations had made more progress that us in terms of training and policy but few had reached decisions on Datacite or equivalent or ORCID as we have done at Glasgow.   This reminded us to try harder to find out what others have been doing and there was a great spirit of sharing in the room.  Now to contact Edinburgh to ask about the citation suggestions that they have ‘pop up’ on their data repository……

We’ve been screening all the new publications lodged with our open access process – encouraging mention of dataset where this is not included, and looking for examples.  Things were slow but then I got an email from our repository team showing a good example which we are comparing with our registry metadata.

Requirements gathering and analysis for longer term data management support  is on-going at the University of Glasgow.   This includes meetings with groups of staff, staff interviews, and a survey which closes on 17th May – yes we can share a summary of this – do feel free to ask if I forget!



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