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Standard Metadata Requirements

I’ve been speaking to colleagues at Essex and Southampton again comparing the metadata fields we have manifested in our initial ePrints data registries.  Lots of commonality – hurrah!    Some interesting differences.

We’ve got this item on the list for discussion at the forthcoming ePrints user group meeting on 14th June.

We have not currently included the geographic data fields in our registry for a couple of reasons:

  • Waiting for EuroCRIS to confirm initial CERIF version of metadata fields.  The C4D project submitted a specification as a suggestion and EuroCRIS are reviewing this along with other suggestions.  I think this should be ready soon.
  • We wanted to start with a generic registry rather than include lots of specialist fields.

I’m interested in finding out how other organisations are dealing with specialisms – incorporating a wide range of fields into their registry?   I’m hoping that many of the additional details will be held in subject and funder repositories which data creators store their data in and we can point to those and avoid repeating details.  However I guess there will be exceptions and we need to work out suitable approach.  People can always upload additional information in our text fields or as documents but that does bring other issues.



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