C4D Deliverables

Work Package 1: Project Management

D1.1 Project Final Report


Work Package 2: Metadat Process Definition

D2.1_Metadata_Ontology Final

D2.2_Taxonomy_Definition Final

Work Package 3: Repository Interface Definition

D3.1_Ontology_Upload_Requirements Final


Work Package 4: Extension of Existing Platforms

D4.1 Interim C4D system – http://c4dbeta.unis4ne-system.net/login.cfm

D4.2 Final C4D system – http://c4dbeta.unis4ne-system.net/login.cfm

Work Package 5: Deployment Planning and Costing

D5.1 C4D deployment plan across three platforms

D5.2 C4D sustainability analysis report across three platforms

D5.3_Institutional_Research_Data_Management_Policy_Proposals Final

D5.4_Guidance_notes_for_researchers Final


Work Package 6: Dissemination

D6.1 Establish Project Website and Blog

This blog

D6.2 Dissemination Report

Included in final report

D6.3 Workshop Report

See this blog


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