C4D Team

Simon Kerridge (Steering Group Chair)

Head of Graduate Research School, University of Sunderland, Simon is an experienced PRINCE2 trained research manager with over 20 years experience. He has successfully led many IT development projects, including an ESPRIT project (EP-27007) and the JISC IRIOS project. Simon is also a director of ARMA and sits on the JISC RIM and ResearchID groups and RMAS steering group.

Email: simon.kerridge@sunderland.ac.uk

Kevin Ginty (Project Manager)

Kevin, from the Centre for Internet Technologies (CIT), University of Sunderland, has a vast experience of managing IT projects from a research and commercial background. He managed the IRIOS project and also chairs the eBES workshop for CEN, which is the European entry point for EDI and ebXML.

Email: gintyk@gmail.com

Paul Cranner (Internet Systems Developer)

Also from CIT, University of Sunderland, Paul will be the main technical developer and analyst. He has over ten years experience as a programmer and technical analyst, including developing the UNIS and IRIOS platforms.

Email: paul.cranner@sunderland.ac.uk

Kathleen Callender (Research Information Manager)

Kathleen is Research Information Manager within Graduate Research Support, University of Sunderland. Kathleen is responsible for providing help and advice on all aspects of research including acquisition, interpretation and dissemination of information.

Email: kathleen.callender@sunderland.ac.uk

Dr. Albert Bokma (Research Fellow)

Albert is a member of the CIT and a research fellow in the Department of Computing, Engineering and Technology. He is researching into the applications of semantic technologies for information management and information systems and has led a series of European Framework projects in these areas. His main interest is to improve the metadata generation and classification of datasets, to improve their correct classification and facilitate their retrieval by interested parties (users).

Email : albert.bokma@gmail.com

Dr. Sheila Garfield (Researcher)

Sheila is an Academic Tutor in both the Department of Computing, Engineering and Technology and the Faculty of Education and Society at the University of Sunderland. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computing from the University of Sunderland in 2000 and received her PhD, from the same university in 2004, for a programme of work connected with hybrid intelligent systems and spoken language processing. In her PhD she collaborated with British Telecom and suggested a novel hybrid system for call routing.

Email: sheila.garfield@sunderland.ac.uk

Ryan Henderson (Project Officer)

Ryan graduated from Sunderland University in 2011 with an MSc in Project Management, and is helping to develop the research portfolio at Sunderland.  He will be managing several aspects of the project work within the group.

Email: ryan.hend24289@gmail.com

Valerie McCutcheon (Steering Group)

Valerie is Operations Manager, Department of Research & Enterprise, University of Glasgow.  She is an experienced PRINCE2 registered practitioner with a successful project management history including several database and data capture projects. She has over 10 years experience of managing electronic research support systems within an HEI including projects such as Enquire and IRIOS.

Email: Valerie.McCutcheon@glasgow.ac.uk

Joy Davidson (Steering Group)

Joy is Associate Director of the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) in the UK and is PI for the JISC-funded Integrating Data Management Planning (IDMP) Toolkit and Support project and co-PI for the JISC-RIN funded Data Management Skills Support Initiative (DaMSSI). She is also involved in a number of international working groups currently investigating collaborative possibilities for progressing digital curation curriculum and professional development opportunities including the International Digital curation Education Action group (IDEA) and the European MSc in Digital Curation.

Email: joy.davidson@glasgow.ac.uk

Anna Clements (Steering Group)

Enterprise Architect at the University of St Andrews, Anna is responsible for establishing and leading a programme of information management improvement across the institution. She is chair of the Pure UK User Group, a member of the JISC RIM group, a member of euroCRIS, project manager of CRISPool and a member of the IRIOS and MICE project steering groups.

Email: akc@st-andrews.ac.uk

Gerry Lawson (Steering Group)

Coordinator of Research and Business Information at NERC, Gerry manages policy on external and internal management information systems. He has participated in ERA-Nets exchanging information on European national research programmes, and in a EuroHORCS/ESF project to exchange information on national research portfolios. He is also a member of the JISC RIM stakeholder group.

Email: gela@nerc.ac.uk

Chris Moulsley (Steering Group)

Chris is Head of Joint Information Services Unit EPSRC/ESRC. He has 10+ years IT experience including leading data migration to the Shared Services Centre (SSC) for both Research Councils. Chris is PRINCE2 and ITIL V3 Service Strategy qualified.

Email: chris.moulsley@epsrc.ac.uk

Keith Jeffery (Steering Group)

Keith is President of euroCRIS. He serves on a number of international expert groups, conference boards and assessment panels. He has extensive experience of CERIF and of IT systems within both universities and Research Councils, previously having been the Design Authority Chair for the RCs Shared Services Centre.

Email: keith.jeffery@stfc.ac.uk

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