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CERIF 4 Datasets Workshops Outputs – July 2013

August 2, 2013 2 comments
Discussing issues Glasgow

Discussing issues Glasgow

Many thanks to everyone who attended the workshops in Glasgow and London and contributed to the lively exchange. It was great to see so many colleagues travelling from near and far to take part and share their experiences.

A summary of the feedback from those who returned a form can be viewed here:

Attendees Feedback

Overall feedback was very positive.  In fact I noticed that the most negative comments came from the project team members ourselves!

An informal ammalgamated summary of the discussion notes is available now:

Issues Discussed at CERIF 4 Datasets Workshops July 2013

The key issues raised included:

1) Clarifying the specification for research data management
2) Getting Senior Management committment
3) Setting up suitable systems and processes
4) Getting staff to engage with Research Data Management
5) Quantifying costs and getting budget
6) Integration of services across organisational boundaries

As well as including key points in our final report to Jisc we will be following up on some of these issues e.g. for item 1 we will speak to ARMA about co-ordinating work on clarifying data management requirements. More blog posts may result and there may be email requests and updates to workshop attendees.

simon hodson speaking at London

Simon Hodson speaking at London

breakout group london

Breakout group London

Workshop Slides

Jisc Background to the RDM Programme

RCUK data policy

Project Key Findings and CERIF overview

Sunderland Case Study

Glasgow Case Study

St Andrews Case Study

Digital Curation Centre support

Archeology Data Service

UK Data Archive  This team provide lots of freely available training & other resources

If we have any comments on the report, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the comment button below or by email to

Any other ideas or comments not covered at the workshop are most welcome and will be considered for the project manager’s final report which I plan to post on this blog by the end of September.

Anna and I are both away on holiday next week but I will follow up on any comments or feedback on my return week commencing 12th August.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped to make the workshops a success.


EuroCRIS 2012 conference

April 4, 2012 1 comment

As with the other two project Sunderland is involved in, C4D will be presented at EuroCRIS 2012 in Prague. C4D will be represented by both a paper and a poster.

The final draft of both the paper and the poster can be accessed below.

EuroCRIS2012 C4D Paper

EuroCRIS2012 C4D Poster

Benefits and Metrics

December 2, 2011 2 comments

Using the benefits analysis toolkit from Charles Beagrie, we spent the morning session at Nottingham identifying key benefits and metrics for C4D.

We had to choose three key benefits (from quite a large list) for the research community which we agreed were as follows:-

  • Integrated thinking around research data management
  • Enhanced finding and organising of data
  • Greater consistency and standards between projects to enable data re-use

These benefits can be assessed using the following metrics:-

Enhanced finding and organising of data:-

  • number of research dataset publications generated
  • increased visibility of research through data citation
  • number of data deposits within repository
  • number of downloads of datasets from repository
  • number of citations to datasets in research articles

Integrated thinking around research data management:-

  • Average time saved in research data management and grant proposal activities
  • Results of user feedback forms

Greater consistency and standards between projects to enable data re-use

  • Number of datasets deposited with enhanced metadata

Some of the metrics are more difficult to measure than others, and that will be one of the challenges for C4D.


November 26, 2011 Leave a comment

At the latest in the series of JISC researcherID task and finish group meetings in London yesterday, amongst other things there was a presentation on the Australian National Data Service which is now relatively well formed and is of course of interest to the C4D project which will be looking at their approach to meta data, amongst others.

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Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association

November 21, 2011 1 comment

UCISA CISG Conference November 2011. 

A number of points of interest in relation to Data Management.

JISC Shared Services and the Cloud Programme

Homogenity of the JISC supported cloud is not taking root so there is currently a bit of flexibility in supporting different HEI’s in different ways.

JISC are engaging with the Home Office and G-Cloud with a view to having coherence with their strategies.

Concerns were  noted about current trends towards data being spread across numerous clouds, depending on convenience for staff, and the related potential for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Issues to arise.

Eduserv and Janet are two distinct clouds.  Developments continue.  Concerns about back-up were noted though some clever person suggested you could store in one and back up in the other.

JISC have launched a new resource

For those interested in the wider research outputs agenda and customer relationship management there are some more notes on our IRIOS2 blog:


New project commences: IRIOS-2

November 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Following on from the original IRIOS project, we are pleased to report that a follow-up project – IRIOS-2 – began this month.

IRIOS, IRIOS-2 and C4D all comprise the same project partners, and all three will use CERIF and build upon and extend the Universities for the North East Information System (UNIS).

For more information visit the IRIOS-2 blog.

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Research Data Management Webinar

October 12, 2011 4 comments

I listened in to a JISC webinar about Research Data Management this morning.

Attached my own jottings from the event.


There is a wealth of support information out there.  The event recording and slides containing sign posts to this wealth of guidance is available at:


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