University of Glasgow

Research Data Registry Status 30/09/13 – Please do ask for an update as things are moving along nicely

The University of Glasgow data registry has undergone some initial consultation and is available should anyone wish to register metadata about a dataset. We have identified some researchers who might have a dataset that they need a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) for and will be trying out creation of some real DOI’s via the DataCite service that we have been testing.   We are building a new dedicated, more responsive server and hence want to have that ready before we issue DOI’s.   We will be able to support some modest storage requirements in the short-term.

The generic unique resource locator has been set up and is operational.  There are a few metadata records in there – we wanted to have at least one example for each College to help us demonstrate the options to researchers.

As part of our commitment to DataCite and good practice we are working with IT Services to establish additional methods and storage options so that the University can be assured that any datasets registered are robustly stored and retrievable.

The University has also have signed up to ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID). This unique identifier for a person should help distinguish and aggregate research outputs from those of other researchers with similar names. ORCID is global rather than national or institutional. It will help transfer data between organisations. We hope to be able to provide a range of services to academics.

We are working with representatives from Jisc and DCC who are in the early stages of developing a national research data registry to ensure that our offering is compatible. The national registry work is scheduled to run until December 2013. The Research Data Australia code (developed by Australian National Data Service) is being tested as a possible model for use in the UK. CKAN software is also being tested. CKAN was developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation and is currently being used by the UK’s and the European Union’s The University of Lincoln has implemented an instance of CKAN as their research data portal through the Jisc-funded Orbital project and early feedback has been positive.

Reference to Datasets in Papers

As part of the open access process we have started advocating that staff include a statement as to how research data generated from the public funds can be accessed. We expect uptake to be slow and do not intend to push hard on this however this is now mandated for RCUK awards.
Many of the above short-term costs have been covered from our Jisc CERIF for Datasets (C4D) project.

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