University of Sunderland

UNIS is a collaborative project management/CRM tool which is used by the five universities in North East England, including the University of Sunderland, to manage reach-out activity. The system was designed to meet the core requirements of rapid customisability and extensibility to satisfy the requirements of user groups within those five universities. By adapting UNIS for research management purposes, we took advantage of a robust and secure platform already familiar to some users.

Over a period of time the UNIS platform has been adapted and extended to include research information by supporting the import and export of Research Council data in CERIF format, and the linking of research grant information and research outputs together. In C4D, Sunderland extended the platform adding the capacity to store research data metadata in an environment which already holds data on research projects and research outputs. C4D also provides functionality to link the metadata to grant information and an interface to search the repository.

Sunderland’s involvement in the C4D project ended in March 2013, by this time a demonstrator combined service platform had been made available to users and a guest account created for use by any interested Research Organisations. To view and access the Sunderland RDM system demonstrator go to the following link:

Username: guest

Password: guest

From the above page you are able to download the IRIOS user guide which includes details of the service functionality added to the UNIS platform during the IRIOS2 project. Additional functionality added during C4D can also be found when navigating the demonstrator system.

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