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University of Glasgow Data Registry Update

August 15, 2013 Leave a comment

I’m very enthusiastic that our live data registry has live metadata in it.  It also has a CERIF export option .

Most of the metadata records include links to data held in third party repositories.

Real Datasets

Real Datasets

We’ve lots on our to do list but making progress with our new (more responsive, more robust, and dedicated) server being set up,  DataCite almost ready to go (pending new server), and considerations over standardising fields being discussed with other ePrints sites based around the ReCollect plug-in for Datasets produced by the University of Essex.

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Data discussions and ePrints UK User Group

June 18, 2013 1 comment

Late last week we went off to London.  There were several meetings:

1) Met with Datacite reps at the British Library to discuss University of Glasgow contract – hopefully we will be signing up soon

2) Met with Essex rep to discuss standardising ePrints offering for data registration

3) Ran the first ever ePrints UK User Group where amongst other things we had a look at the Essex data registry and noted that the resultant ReCollect plug-in is available via the ePrints bazaar and should provide a good basis for data registration for any site considering setting something up.  We agreed that Glasgow and Essex reps would form a data mangement sub-group and post some discussion matter on the google group site.  If you are an ePrints site and want to join the group search for eprints at:!overview and send a join request.

Any problems feel free to email me direct





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February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Following an EPrints data meeting last week, we are now sharing more of what we are doing and planning on doing, with the rest of the EPrints community. 

This will hopefully lead to easier development of plugins and enhancements in the future. 

With all the rapid development of data services, like the one we are testing at Glasgow, a common internal vocabulary is needed. We are now speaking with Essex and EPrint services to improve this. As I said before, this would make it much easier to roll out a generic Cerif export for Data plugin later on.