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University of Glasgow Data Registry Update

August 15, 2013 Leave a comment

I’m very enthusiastic that our live data registry has live metadata in it.  It also has a CERIF export option .

Most of the metadata records include links to data held in third party repositories.

Real Datasets

Real Datasets

We’ve lots on our to do list but making progress with our new (more responsive, more robust, and dedicated) server being set up,  DataCite almost ready to go (pending new server), and considerations over standardising fields being discussed with other ePrints sites based around the ReCollect plug-in for Datasets produced by the University of Essex.

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Update from the University of Glasgow

July 22, 2013 Leave a comment

This week we are:

1) Progressing with set up of DataCite to which we recently subscribed including looking for some University of Glasgow researchers who would like a digital object identifier for thier dataset.

2) Finalising a paper for our Research Planning and Strategy Committee making some recommendations about the way forward for Research Data Management at the University of Glasgow. We will include a summary of this in a future blog post.

3) Having our project meeting

4) Frantically trying to sort out the budget transfer from Sunderland. Sunderland could not commit to leading the extension so we’ve been trying since 31st March to transfer the remaining budget so that St Andrews and Glasgow can deliver the remaining work. There have been many difficulties with the mechanics of this transfer and budgetary reporting. Hoping we can sort it all out very soon.

5) Preparing for our 2nd workshop which will take place in London on Friday:

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Glasgow Permanent Address

Very happy to report that our Data Registry now has a permanent home:  


While the site is still being developed and will evolve over time, this allows is to begin minting datasets via Datacite as the url landing pages will stay the same over time. 

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Just did a quick demo of Datacite ( using our C4D test system to create some metadata.  Went well and the consensus seems to be its something we’ll be looking at seriously. 

The Datacite test system can take xml formatted metadata, and mint DOIs for datasets. I’ve now minted two test datasets. Creating a plugin for EPrints using the Datacite API shouldn’t be too difficult for someone. 

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February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Following an EPrints data meeting last week, we are now sharing more of what we are doing and planning on doing, with the rest of the EPrints community. 

This will hopefully lead to easier development of plugins and enhancements in the future. 

With all the rapid development of data services, like the one we are testing at Glasgow, a common internal vocabulary is needed. We are now speaking with Essex and EPrint services to improve this. As I said before, this would make it much easier to roll out a generic Cerif export for Data plugin later on. 


RCUK Classifications in EPrints

February 4, 2013 Leave a comment

After some spreadsheet ‘tweaking’ I’ve moved our new data registry at Glasgow over to the new updated RCUK Classifications (see earlier post over on our Engage blog).


This allows us to use a up to date structured subject classification for all our datasets and potentially roll out into the full repository (Enlighten) at some stage.

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EPrints Test Server at Glasgow

I’m having a great time testing out EPrints 3.3 with datasets. We have just about got our test server up and running. Still needs a bit of work but I’ve been investigating how easy it will be to get things like the RCUK classification system integrated.

All going well at the moment.  Looking forward to getting some test data in. 

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