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At the latest in the series of JISC researcherID task and finish group meetings in London yesterday, amongst other things there was a presentation on the Australian National Data Service which is now relatively well formed and is of course of interest to the C4D project which will be looking at their approach to meta data, amongst others.

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Data at SMRU (Sea Mammal Research Unit @ St Andrews)

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Spent this afternoon discussing research data with researchers and technicians at SMRU (Sea Mammal Research Unit at the University of St Andrews).

Fascinating insight into the procedures and data being created and who uses the data .. how and why ?

We looked  at Seal pup population data produced over several years and used to inform the annual  SCOS reports to the Government as well as at temperature and salinity data from tags attached to seals and other mammals.

The challenge is to find metadata detailed enough for the user looking for information but still with a high degree of commonality across varying data sets and disciplines. MEDIN is being explored by the British Oceanographic Data Centre as a candidate and we are aiming to work with them on the project using the SMRU data sets to pilot the approach.


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Notes from University of Glasgow Data Management Discussion

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I have been chatting with my colleagues from the Digital Curation Centre and Humanities Advanced Technology And Information Institute about plans to formalise data management and storage policies at the University of Glasgow.

Some other HEI’s have formalised policies and levels of organised support at institutional level vary.   

We will be working on this over the coming months and hope to glean a lot from previous work at other organisations.  

A long time ago I worked in the oil and gas industry where we had centralised stores of geological information that were the first point of reference before investing in a new survey.  The following links may be of interest:


Research Output Discussion Group

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You may be interested in the more generic research outputs discussion notes on our IRIOS2 blog:

C4D Project Poster

November 22, 2011 1 comment

Download CERIF for Datasets PosterA poster promoting C4D is now available for download.  The poster presents an overview of the project and describes the key aims and objectives.

Download the full-size CERIF for Datasets poster or the smaller A4 version.

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OAPEN focus group meeting

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I’m just back from attending a very interesting (and well run) focus group session for the OAPEN-UK project (see which is looking at the issues for open access publishing of scholarly monographs in the humanities and social sciences. The event was run by Ellen Collins from RIM and Caren Milloy from JISC Collections.
The project will run until 2015 (JISC and AHRC funded) looking at the issues involved through various stakeholder groups (I attended the session for library staff / institutional repository managers and research managers and administrators). They are also running an experiment looking 30 monographs that are not open access and 30 similar ones that have been made open access.

The top issues (in short!) that came out of the groups were:
Metadata – who is responsible for getting it right?
Selection – will libraries want to curate open access materials if there are no access costs involved?
University Presses – might HEIs want to ‘publish’ these themselves (to increase branding)?
Who pays – HEI? Funder? Author? Other?
Author royalties – will be zero; might HEIs want to provide some other form of incentive?
Access in perpetuity – who will ensure that access is maintained is no-one is paying?

There were of course numerous other issues including perceived quality issues for OA publications; better usage of metadata and linking of publications to data and the projects that funded the generation of them. The latter is of interest to the C4D project as well as of ourselves the all important metadata issue.

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Universities and Colleges Information Systems Association

November 21, 2011 1 comment

UCISA CISG Conference November 2011. 

A number of points of interest in relation to Data Management.

JISC Shared Services and the Cloud Programme

Homogenity of the JISC supported cloud is not taking root so there is currently a bit of flexibility in supporting different HEI’s in different ways.

JISC are engaging with the Home Office and G-Cloud with a view to having coherence with their strategies.

Concerns were  noted about current trends towards data being spread across numerous clouds, depending on convenience for staff, and the related potential for Data Protection and Freedom of Information Issues to arise.

Eduserv and Janet are two distinct clouds.  Developments continue.  Concerns about back-up were noted though some clever person suggested you could store in one and back up in the other.

JISC have launched a new resource

For those interested in the wider research outputs agenda and customer relationship management there are some more notes on our IRIOS2 blog: